Sunday, July 20, 2008

Linnea's Prepartum Travels

Linnea takes a break from a long day of househunting in Boulder in April.

Linnea, Maren, and Aunties Katie and Mary get ready for a wild night out in Honolulu on our trip to Hawaii for Katie and Hunt's wedding in May.

We hiked near the new Kilauea vent in Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island

with Grandma Kelly,

and visited with sunbathing sea turtles.

We love you Linnea!

We rushed back from Hawaii just in time for the Princeton graduation,

and Aunt Laura came to hang out with us one last time in Princeton.

Then, a few days later we moved from Princeton, NJ to Boulder, CO!

We said goodbye to our wonderful house in Princeton and to Alexander (the beetle), which carried us on so many adventures up and down the east coast.

We packed up our new family car with Lander (dog in the back seat), Kapa (cat hidden below the window), our stuff (roof) and some of our smaller plants (trunk) and hit the road.

We spent a day visiting Jeff in Chicago and got stuck in a wild storm by the lake.

Luckily, it wasn't NEARLY as wild as some of the recent storms in the midwest, like the tornado that hit this fairgrounds in Kearny, Nebraska a week before we spent the night there.

And finally, we made it to our new house in Boulder. That's our deck behind Maren,

... and this is the ranch we see when we're sitting on the deck.

But even after arriving in Boulder, we still had some more exploring to do,

so we went to Rocky Mountain National Park,

where we headed up and over the continental divide,

and even made friends with an elk.

Then, we returned to Boulder, and the pets hunkered down waiting for Linnea to arrive, while Maren and I started our postdoctoral positions at CU and NIST.

Welcome to our new blog.

Construction begins today.