Sunday, March 14, 2010

Winter in Steamboat

Sledding down the big hill at Steamboat in February. Linnea loved sledding, but only wanted to go with Mom. She did not want to walk alongside, even on the flat bits, when poor Dad had to pull!

Whee! It was a beautiful weekend, and we got tons of snow. This is the road to the cabin.

We finally convinced her to go least down the little hill.

Reading with Grandma B at dinner.

Linnea discovered the doll sized tea set at the Cabin and that's basically all she wanted to do. She would set up "Woooody" and "Ahnie" to have tea with "Disour". On our last day in Steamboat Grandma B bought Nea her own tea set and she hasn't stopped having tea parties since. It's pretty cute!

And for some even older photos...we spent Thanksgiving at the Steamboat Cabin with Mike's brother Tyler and his girlfriend Caitlin. Unfortunately Linnea got very sick on Thanksgiving Day, with a fever over 105. But otherwise it was fun!

Sledding behind the cabin.

Enjoying a beautiful sunny day.

She's all ready for adventure!

Checking Mom's equipment to make sure we're good to go.


Eeew, kisses!!

Orcas Island

In January we went to see Grandma MJ and Grandpa Bruce at their house on Orcas Island, Washington.

Sticker fun with Grandma (who Nea called 'Namma')!

Nea and Dad enjoying the beautiful view from the peninsula in front of their house.

Grandma had a head massager that really tickled your head. Linnea would make these ridiculous faces, but kept asking for more!

She loved throwing rocks into the sound.

Especially when Dad held her high up so they made a big splash!

Visiting Nea's Aunties Katie and Mary

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More fun in Hawaii

Linnea sharing her yummy homemade olive bread with Pippi (the rest of us weren't quite so generous!)

One of our last days there Pippi and Ru offered to watch Linnea so that we could go have some adult fun. We hiked Mauna Loa, which is a beautiful but exhausting 10 mile trip that takes you up above 13,000 feet.

The crater at the top is stunning, and had lots of snow, with steam coming out of the many vents melting away patches in the snow. You can't see much of the snow in this picture, but there's a little bit behind Maren's head.

Meanwhile, Linnea had the time of her life getting spoiled by her grandparents. She went hiking (with Muppy and Puppy in tow), covered them with bandaids, and had a picnic on which she decided she would only drink from the cap of the water bottle. All things Mom and Dad said couldn't be done!

Then they went ohelo berry picking! Here she was all business, and pretty quickly filled an entire bag.

Nea playing one of her favorite games, which involved dressing her stuffed naked mole rat in a hat (apparently he was cold), then dropping him on the ground and yelling 'Oh No!'

Then went to Punalu'u Beach, where Linnea got to see big green sea turtles that come ashore there to bask. Here she is checking one out that is partly buried in the sand.