Friday, March 6, 2009

Nene and Nenes! After lots of searching, we finally found a pair at Volcano, who even obliged us with a photo.

Linnea in hysterics over Pippi's ka-chooo game.

Sorting items at our departure from Volcano - Kea stays, Nea goes...

Snoozing in Honolulu in preparation for the red-eye home.

She was a remarkably cheery traveler!

Volcano and Black Sands Beach

After the parties we flew to Hilo to visit Volcano.

Linnea rediscovered Grandpa Ru and his tasty glasses!

Kea the cat was not thrilled to see an intruder sleeping in her spot.

The Volcano Cottage has officially become a Nene Crossing.

Linnea contemplates which of the resident stuffed animals to steal from Pippi!

And rediscovers Mom's old Fisher Price toys.

Linnea tried poi, the staple Hawaiian baby food. She seemed to concur with most mainlanders on it's taste.

On our last day there we went to Black Sands Beach.

Linnea saw her first green sea turtle!

...of the non-stuffed variety anyway.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Maren and Linnea are in Hawaii celebrating Linnea's great-grandmother Ani's 90th birthday. We spent the first five days staying with Ani in Honolulu.
Linnea met her godmother Pam and her cousin Liana.

Linnea and her great aunts Sharon and Pam were all born on August 3rd!

Linnea's new favorite game is stealing Ru's glasses.

She was fascinated by the fish at the Waikiki Aquarium.

And now she has her very own mini-fish tank!

Posing with Pippi.

"Hey, that camera looks yummy!"

"See Mom, no teeth!"

Linnea and Pippi goofing around at the family party.

Having lunch with Ru...

and Pippi!

Linnea wore a beautiful pikake and rosebud lei to Ani's birthday party.

The Birthday Girl and Judge Frances Wong.

It's hard to believe she's 90 years young!