Monday, March 21, 2011

We took a long weekend in March and went to stay with friends in Crested Butte. We all had a great time!

Linnea recently said to me in a sober and confiding way "Mom, I really, really love pink" It was of course a total surprise to me ;)
She did a great job skiing and by the end of it she was skiing down herself holding my hand.

Ben, Stefan, and Mike about to attack the bowls.

Catching some sun at the base. It was great spring skiing!

Back on my furry monster (after almost three years!)

We let Linnea ride too, but decided to lunge her first ;)

He was a very good boy.

Her legs look so tiny on him!

Helping Dad take a nap.

Ou little hippo at a costume party. Linnea was a 'princess fairy'.

Big sisters can be scary, even when you're the one on top!

Linnea got a playground doll set from Pippi and Ru for Girls Day. She's a big fan!