Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Juliana was all smiles today so I pulled out the camera and tried to capture one. I wasn't too successful, but did get this great face instead.

And here's a little smile!


We spent Thanksgiving in Estes Park with Granby and Annie. We all had a blast!

Sleeping sweetly (which is deceptive...with four of us in one bed we didn't actually get much sleep at all!)

Sledding in Rocky Mountain National Park. There was a windchill of -20 but the Little Eskimo didn't care.

The sleds weren't quite as fast as we'd hoped, but it was fun anyway!

Juliana is starting to really stare at things. It's a lot of fun to see what holds her attention.

She loves her new birdhouse playmat, which is supposed to be a Christmas present, but Santa decided to deliver it early this year ;)

Fun with the grandparents.

Checking out the playground with Granby and Muppy.

Getting ready for some winter hot tub fun ;)

And layering up for the walk over there...at least on top!

Early Winter Fun

Juliana met her Grandma Mary Jane in November when she came to visit and help us out.

Linnea had her making kissable snowmen in no time!

Basket sledding with our neighbors Lucy and Jack. They were very sweet and pushed her along.

It was a bit slippery...

...and when your turn is over it's over!

Me and my girls.

Looking pretty...with wild hair.

Grandma B with her arms full.

Juliana meeting Grandpop. He makes her look so tiny!

She was a little skeptical of his beard.

Doing the baby dance!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween and Ru's visit

Grandpa Ru came to help out after Juliana was born.
He and Linnea had lots of fun splashing in puddles.

And we all loved the wonderful food he made, especially the frozen mocha cheesecake!

Celebrating Mike's birthday at the Chautauqua Dining Hall.
Linnea fell in love with her grandpa.

Eskimo kisses!

Hiking to Boulder Falls.

Adjusting to life with two kids (when the grandparents leave...)

Juliana in her Baby Bjorn chair. She's still got a bit of growing to do...

We took Linnea to the Cottonwood Farm Pumpkin Patch, where she made lots of furry friends.

Maren's cousin Malia came along, which was a big help.

Linnea decided she wanted to be an iguana for halloween, much to her Mom's delight! She even perfected the head-bob.

She loved trick or treating, but was a little confused by some of the treats (like googly monster eyes...)


The lollipop staredown.

Linnea wouldn't take off her iguana costume all day. Here the iguana is reading bedtime stories to Baby Lila.

Our little pumpkin!

On Sunday we went to the Munchkin Masquerade on Pearl Street. Linnea was all business!

Juliana's first bottle of milk. She made no secret of her skepticism!

Somehow I ended up with three babies...