Sunday, October 31, 2010

Juliana's first two weeks

She's almost here! We finally got around to taking belly pics the day before Juliana started to come.

In labor at the hospital...another long one.

And here she is, our 5 lb 14 oz little bean!

She was a sleepy thing right from the start, but here she woke up long enough to play with Dad.

Big sister Linnea meets baby Juliana.

And so does her grandmother Pippi! Pippi came to help us out for the first week and a half, which was wonderful.

Juliana's first lei.

Meeting uncle Tyler.

Not bad for a hospital room view. Welcome to Boulder!

Coming home from the hospital. Linnea and Pippi decorated the house and bought balloons. What a good big sister!

Adorable baby.

She's still a little tiny...yes, that is a normal sized pencil!

The whole family!

Linnea is very sweet to her little sister.

Linnea the handywoman with her tool belt. She loves to fix things!

Snuggling in bed.

Pippi and Juliana enjoying some snuggle time.


Contemplating the world from her cozy blanket.

Our first outing, a walk and picnic up at Flagstaff Mountain.

Pippi fell over during picture taking...but fortunately managed to not squish Linnea in the process!

Taking our babies for a walk in the strollers (walking her Baby Lila is one of Linnea's favorite activities).

All the kiddos.

Linnea makes sure that Baby Lila gets enough milk.

Tiny fingers!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Juliana Leleua Niemack was born on Thursday Oct 7 at 9:15pm.
She's a little peanut, weighing in at 5 lbs 14 ozs, but is a perfect baby so far. She's sweet and very mellow.

Big sister Linnea is so excited!