Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fun in November

Playing with Mama

Looking for trouble...
...which can be found just about everywhere. Trying to walk in Dad's birthday boots.

Playing "look what we found at the market!"

Running around the kitchen with a bag over her head, and bumping into walls.

When she's particularly mischievous we bring out the Wild Thing horns.

It's getting increasingly difficult to get nice pictures of her, because when we ask her to smile (for the camera) she makes this goofy winking face.

And a belated Halloween pic from the gorgeous carousel at the Denver zoo.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween!

We took Linnea and Lander to a 'trunk or treat' with our playgroup. Linnea discovered a love of pretzels, and spent lots of time roaring like a lion. Lander discovered the benefits of following clumsy kids around who are trying to eat and walk at the same time. Everyone wins!

Visiting the lion house at Boo at the Zoo.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

September and October

We went to Estes Park in September for a Niemack Family reunion.

Linnea and Minna playing with Cousin Max (who was in Italy)

Hiking with Great Aunts Susan and Judy.

Hanging with the family.

Mike's cousin Tom came to visit in September and we hiked to the top of Bear Peak and South Boulder Peak.

Oooh, cinnamon rolls!

Our favorite goofball.

Relaxing at an outdoor concert in Boulder.

Enjoying the last days of summer at the pool

Linnea would not take off her green sandals and bathrobe. Quite a combo!

She had lots of fun playing in the fountains.

But once she discovered the slide it was all over (for Mom and Dad anyway, who had to spend the next hour making sure she didn't go down headfirst/backwards/standing up, etc.)

Meeting her friend Jessie's horse.

Class of 2030? (Actually, we're going to have to root for Amherst...)

Oh my goodness - a hat!

Playing in a box with a friend of Uncle Tyler's

Grandma Mary Jane came to visit in October, and we went on a hike to Lost Lake in the Indian Peaks Wilderness with Tyler and Caitlin

Linnea has finally decided she likes her sunglasses - and adores her mittens!

Playing with Grandma at the lake

Hydration is key!


On our way back from Yosemite we stayed in California for a few days

We stayed with Mike's sister Elisa, her husband Scott, and their daughter Minna (8 mos), and also met up with some friends from Princeton and their new son Zander.

We were treated to lots of Scott's amazing cooking!

At our friends Jeff and Maureen's wedding in Monterey.

Linnea's first first birthday party, at her Great Aunt Pam and Great Uncle Peter's house in Palo Alto. She was astounded by the strawberry shortcake.

And made short work of it!

The birthday girl, Dad, and Aunt Elisa

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Linnea's First Birthday

Linnea turned one! (Almost two months ago...sorry for the photo delay!)

We had a luau with tons of ono Hawaiian food including manapua, mac salad, and poi.

Lots of Linnea's family and friends came to celebrate, including Pippi, Auntie Laura, Gramps, Uncle Tyler, and Auntie Kaylie

Hauoli La Hanau!

Linnea was shocked that we let her eat a frosting-covered cupcake. Yum!

At the playground with Pippi.

On the slide with uncle Tyler.

Swings are her favorite!

Ru couldn't come, but he sent Linnea a beautiful haku, a baby lei, and a grass skirt.

She was kind enough to wear them (for a little while anyway).