Monday, September 22, 2008

The 8-year anniversary of our first date,

which we celebrated with a picnic on Flagstaff Mountain.

Linnea has several adorable cozy hats,

though she's not sure she's a fan of any just yet.

Retro baby! Linnea wearing Maren's old baby clothes.

Lander carries all our food and water on day hikes, and still has enough energy left to climb up every boulder he can find.

Naked baby in the woods!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Family Reunion!

For the 89th birthday of Carl Niemack (Mike’s grandfather) we had a family reunion in Estes Park, CO.
(Note to family members: Please send us more photos from the reunion. Thanks!)

Linnea met her only (until sometime in December) first cousin, Max, and her aunt Colleen.

5 month old Max was extremely excited by all the people and fun,

and he really liked riding in the hammock with Colleen

and Grandpa Bob.

We went on a short hike with Linnea’s great-grandfather, Carl, and great-aunts Margy, Judy, and Susan (who’s not in the photo).

We got pretty close to a herd of rutting elk,

although Linnea slept through most of that.

One Month Old

The little monkey.

After Linnea's hair gets wet, it becomes incredibly curly! When we first saw this in the hospital, we worried that our baby had been switched, but the nurse never took her out of the room. Who knows what it will look like when she’s older?

More curls!

Dino PJs...


Hike with the fam.


The end of one of our favorite nearby hikes.