Saturday, August 23, 2008

Linnea's Third Week

Kelly left on Linnea’s 2-week birthday, and we miss her dearly. Thank you so much Kelly for all the help with Linnea, household chores, and everything!

We took Linnea on her first walk to lake next too our house.

She and I played on the grass together,

but she wasn’t so thrilled,

until we started heading back home.

Linnea has been eating well … very well.

Quiet time

with baby burrito.

Another morning walk.

Leave … me … alone.

Naptime with a tired mommy.

…VERY well.

Can I PLEASE lick her head? PLEEEEASE?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The end of Linnea's 2nd week

Cute and cuddly baby or…

Baby Gangsta!

Tired of the paparazzi.

Break time.

Hanging out with Grandma.

Playing with Mom.

Hmm... how will I keep them awake tonight?

A first smile?

Couldn't quite catch it on camera.

Chatting with Grandma.

Family time.

We think she may be practicing THE CLAW already.

Linnea's first hike!

Family Feet!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Settling In

Linnea and her adoring grandmother.

The Goodnight Moon pillow that Kelly made inspired Linnea to pick up reading in her spare time (just kidding).

The Pooh team watch over her (and inspire her digestion) while she sleeps.

I'm hungry...

What didn’t you understand about I’m hungry!

Some people.

Linnea’s first walk in the BOB stoller!

She’s still growing into the stroller.

Sometimes nothing will wake her.

Sometimes there’s no way to get her to sleep!

She’s got that look again…

First Encounter… da da da dum.


Lander and I took a break from the house and headed up into the hills.

We had a lot of fun,

and we made it all the way up to the Devil’s thumb. Then, the devil came after us and sent Lander plunging into a 10-foot deep hole from which he had to be rescued (sorry no embarrassing photos). Luckily he was fine and made it back down to the house (mostly) on his own 4 feet.

Back home and trying to lick the baby again.

Linnea tries out her new baby bjorn seat!



Let me see here...


But not very approving of this.