Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winter Fun

Sweet baby!

And sweet toddler.

Linnea's first time on skis. We took her to the sledding hill close to our house.

She did a great job!

And took a few spills...

...but she didn't mind!

Getting the hang of it ;)

Juliana came out with us too, but when we got home she went to sleep with her arms straight up in the air. We were a bit worried she had frozen solid!

Practicing her mastery over the playgym birds.

Big sister adoration ;)

It's good to be never know what dangers may befall you when coloring.

Linnea dressing herself ;)

Attack of the sisters!

Linnea comforting Lander after his surgery. The poor guy suddenly developed an abscess on his chin and had to have a four-hour surgery to fix it. He wasn't too happy about it!

The Cabin at Steamboat, where we escaped to for a nice long (and cold!) ski weekend.

Linnea's first time on the big mountain at Steamboat!

Our friend Kate came up with us for the weekend. She was a great skier, and put us Coloradans to shame!

Linnea liked watching the Superbowl, but Juliana prefered examining her Dad's Coors Lite.

Snowshoeing (or "bearfooting" as Linnea calls it)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Christmas in Hawai'i

In December we went to Hawaii to visit Maren's family. And get Juliana in the ocean for the first time!

By the end of the trip she didn't think it was so bad.

We spent a few days in Honolulu with the girls' great-grandmother Ani.

And then headed for the Big Island to visit grandparents Pippi and Ru.

Tidepooling at Ho'okena and touching a sea cucumber.

Linnea found a little boy that was just about her age. They had fun playing in the pools.

Building sand castles with Ru.

A shark!

Turtle watching with Dad.

And learning to bodyboard with Ru.


A little tiny Christmas package!

She even fit in Mike's stocking (which was made by Pippi)!

Christmas snuggles.

Linnea was Ru's apprentice baker and cookie decorator.

While Juliana perfected the one eyebrow stare.

Christmas Eve fondue. Yum!

Linnea had lots of fun checking out the Christmas lights at Kilauea Military Camp.

And she made us a gingerbread family for Christmas (with some help of course...)

Juliana was very appreciative of her Christmas presents, especially this CD ;)

She's a very smiley baby!

Feeding the pheasants from the porch was one of Linnea's favorite activities.

We tried to get a nice picture of Nea and Ani, but someone was feeling a little goofy...

Four generations of ladies!

Ani loved snuggling with Juliana. Apparently it was mutual!

Pippi and J looking beautiful on Christmas.

Mommy time ;)

The sack of potatoes. It looks awful, but she loved it!

Playing croquet at Volcano.

"I'll get them for this later..."

Linnea's very own Christmas tree, which was decorated entirely with non-fragile ornaments made by Pippi.

We tried to get a nice picture of the girls in their matching pajamas...

...which wasn't easy with a two year old and a two month old! Here Linnea is concentrating hard on stabilizing Juliana's head ;)

Christmas photos gone wrong!

Hee haw!

Looking sweet.

Ohelo berry picking was one of Linnea's favorite activities. She was great at the picking and sorting of berries, not to mention the eating!
At Onekahakaha beach park.

Baby shark!

Juliana's first swim in the ocean.

She wasn't thrilled.

Eating saimin and mac salad at Nori's. Like mother like daughter!

Christmas is exhausting! But we had a wonderful time, and can't wait to go back ;)

Juliana was (mostly) all smiles!

Swimming at Kahala first time juggling two in the water!

We briefly saw Grandpop and Grandma B in Honolulu. Linnea wasted no time in stealing Grandma B's shake.

And we met the girls' new cousin Amelia (4 months), who is adorable!!

Playing with Auntie Laura at the beach.