Thursday, February 26, 2009

Linnea eating apples and laughing

When we were recently traveling to Princeton, we took all Linnea's clothes off before feeding her, so that there was less laundry to wash. She adjusted to wearing nothing but her giant pink bib and a diaper quite well, and would mostly just sit on the bed with her hands at her sides, then dive towards every bite of food that we offered her until she was full. Sometimes she made adorable grunting sounds like a little monster attacking the food on the spoon.

Linnea thought that Maren doing the Mission Impossible soundtrack was absolutely hilarious! She had already been laughing for a few minutes by the time I got my phone out and started recording.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

In January, Linnea and Kelly went with Maren to a conference she had in Boston. They found lots of fun things to do while Mom was away!

Linnea is really starting to enjoy reading books. Especially when it allows her to put off her bedtime!

Hanging upside down is another favorite.

Sitting up on her new jungle playmat!

We took the little reindeer skiing for New Years.

She rode all the way to the top of Keystone Mountain on the gondola.

Future skier - or snowboarder?

Pippi and Linnea played at the mid-mountain lodge while Mom and Dad got to go skiing!!

Having fun on New Years Eve.

On the way home we finally got a sprinkling of snow for the last remaining Hawaiian in town! It didn't last long.