Saturday, June 27, 2009


Linnea's first backpacking trip! She had her very own set of long underwear, and baby smartwool socks.

Riding the Daddy Pony around camp = endless fun.

Dinnertime! The little lounger ate like a horse.

And then had Muppy for dessert.

We could never leave without Muppy!

It was pretty chilly (almost 10,000 ft) so Linnea had to wear a snowsuit to bed! She wasn't thrilled, but it was totally adorable.

Early morning exercises in the forest.

Stealing Mom's sunglasses at Crater Lake (a favorite pastime).

Lander the Amazing Pack Dog, who carried all of his own stuff plus most of our water. He's also (slowly) getting used to everyone we pass laughing at his sunglasses.

Linnea learns to drink from a nalgene!

Practicing her hunt seat equitation on a log. Look at that balance!

'Hey, why aren't we getting anywhere?'


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mike and Linnea took a quick trip to Pasadena for Bob's 60th Birthday Baseball BBQ Bash, where they had lots of fun!

Linnea finally got to meet (and play with) with her cousin Minna, who is six months old.

We also had a wonderful visit from our friend Kate, who lives in New York. We went on a beautiful hike in Rocky Mountain National Park.

The happy hikers!

She especially enjoyed watching the bold squirrels.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Baby performance art

'What do you mean I can't chew on the paint? You're ruining all my fun!'

Fortunately, all misunderstandings were cleared up with a nice warm bath.

Having fun can be exhausting!

Gramby and Ann came to visit on Memorial Day weekend, and we went to the Boulder Creek Fair on a very rainy Sunday afternoon.

And on a beautiful spring hike... check nestboxes.

We found eggs!

Goofing around with Gramby.

Poor Lander has been diagnosed with a degenerative eye disorder that's accelerated by sunlight. Now he has to sport 'doggles' whenever he's outside.

At first he tried to rub them off on anything (or anyone) within reach, but now he seems to accept them as just another important part of being my Trusty Research Assistant. Like pack guarding. Especially if it has cheese in it.

'Hey, move it along here!!'

'That's better.'

Future scientist?