Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our Vacation

We were finally able to fit in a little vacation in August, and headed to Denver (pretty exotic I know!) Linnea talked about it for weeks and on the way there kept pointing out the window and asking "is that our vacation?" Here she is in the hotel room all dressed up and ready for adventure!

Visiting the elephants at the Denver Zoo.

Manning a mission "to outer pace" at the Museum of Nature and Science (her favorite exhibit...I guess it runs in the family!)

Feeding Baby Lila, who was a birthday present and is much loved!

There was a great rooftop pool at the hotel where we all had lots of fun.

Flying with Dad.

And lounging with Mom.

We went to an excellent dinner on Linnea's birthday at Rioja. The food was amazing!!

Linnea's first ice cream cone.

And yes, I know that sugar doesn't actually make kids hyper, but nevertheless this was the aftermath....

Then we got a much too brief but really fun visit from Auntie Laura, who was busy flying around the country for fairy godmotherly duties. Come back soon!

Linnea's 2nd Birthday!

Linnea turned two on August 3, which we celebrated with a birthday party at Viele Lake Park.

Linnea took full advantage of her position as the birthday girl.

FULL advantage!

Uncle Tyler came down from Aspen to celebrate with us. He and Linnea shared a water balloon toss with nearly indestructable water balloons.

They were quite a hit with the toddlers!

Afterwards it was time for the good stuff.

Linnea was a great party girl, but by the end of the day was suffering from a little cupcake fatigue ;)

June and July

Here are a few highlights from earlier this summer, with more coming soon.
Celebrating Fathers Day at Red Rocks, with a great round of 'daddy pony'!
Helping Dad with the dishes (also known as dressing up like a lobster).

A windy family picnic at Flagstaff. Linnea loved the fancy food, especially the marinated artichokes and super smelly blue cheese ;)

Fun with Dad.

Pippi came to visit in June, and took Linnea out to afternoon tea at the Dushanbe. She is obsessed with playing tea party, so it was a dream come true for her. And she got a brand new pink dirndl for the outing!

She practiced her good tea drinking manners.

Pippi and Nea at Rocky Mountain National Park.

It was a beautiful day!

Goofing around with Pippi.

We had chocolate pasta with raspberries and whipped cream as a special treat. Linnea wholeheartedly approved!

But was sent straight to the bath afterwards.

Celebrating the Fourth of July with a pony ride at the Broomfield Fair. She was very proud!