Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kona Village

We spent five days at the Kona Village to celebrate Maren's Dad's 60th birthday. Our hale was right next to a big fish pond, and Linnea had lots of fun watching the fish and ducks swim by.

A beautiful view from our breakfast table. Linnea kept insisting that she needed coffee. Now that I see the pics from that morning I think she had a point!

Burying her Auntie Alison in the sand.

Cultivating the glamorous look with Katie's sunglasses.

We went to a luau with lots of ono food, but all Nea wanted to eat was the poi. She wolfed it all down (we were supposed to share) and then proceeded to dip everything else she ate in the remnants of the poi. I think we have a real Hawaiian!

Laughing with Grandma B at the luau.

Celebrating Grandpop's birthday with a great dinner...

...although I'm not sure how much of it he got to enjoy. Linnea seemed to want everything Grandpop ordered!

Then she helped him blow out the candles - and of course eat the cake!

Playing Koala Bear with Uncle Hunt.

Checking out the Hawaiian petroglyphs with Mom. Nea was pretty unimpressed with the petroglyphs, but was really excited by the goats we saw along the way!

Nea's first kayaking trip! She was a pro, and looked adorable in her little life jacket.

The whole gang.

Nea spent hours filling beach buckets with sea water and then shoveling sand into them. Fortunately she had many willing volunteers (including Dad) to help her get the water.

The freezing cold beach showers were another favorite. It was almost impossible to get her out!

Time to go home!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

March - Honolulu and Volcano

In March we went back to Hawaii. First we visited Pippi and Ru and Ani in Honolulu and at Volcano, and then headed to the Kona Village for Maren's Dad's 60th birthday celebration. Here Nea is giggling over 'Leo the late bloomer' with Ru.

We spent three days at the Kahala Nui with Ani. Linnea wanted to spend all day in the hot tub, but had to be cajoled into playing in the pool!

Playing with Pippi at dinner.

And going 'bounce!' on Pippi!

After many tries we finally got a pretty picture of Ani and Nea (previous failures were almost always the fault of the latter, who was in a very wiggly mood!)

She can entertain herself for hours with a bucket and shovel, usually digging, but occasionally finding other uses for her bucket too!

Walking in the surf with Pippi at Punalu'u

And tidepooling!

Walking over to the big house in the morning. Linnea also had lots of fun feading the pheasants, having tea parties, brushing the very patient cat Kea, and bouncing on the bed with her grandparents. It was hard to leave!

Snowy Day

Morning yoga at the Niemacks. Everyone participates!

After a little warm-up, Nea's ready to hit the slopes! Or the playground anyway.

Kissing the front porch snowman on the way out...a daily ritual.

She loves to swing in any weather.

Enjoying a nice cozy fire afterwards. 'Cozy' was one of Nea's favorite words this well as one of ours!


Linnea making her first snowman!

She was very proud.

This started the phase of snowman kissing, which persisted as long as we had snow.

Linnea's aunt Alison came to visit us for a long weekend. We had a blast, and Linnea fell in love!

Her first haircut. She got to ride the pink elephant so she was thrilled by the whole experience. Especially the part where the barber sprayed her with the spray bottle. She kept yelling "more, more!"

...but she still has crazy hair!!